JJokolera Aids & Orphans Project

In January 2005, while working on setting up the New Creation Centre School, we were visited by a woman named Rosemary. Rosemary had heard about some Mzungus (White People) who were helping people. She walked 7 miles down a jungle road to catch a small van/taxi to visit us in Ntinda. When we first met her, she knelt at our feet and asked us to help her small village. The village consisted of approximately 35 families. Most of the children were being raised by their grand-parents because both of their parents had died of HIV/AIDS. In some cases, young children were raising their siblings because there were no other relatives. Rosemary asked us to help with funding so the village children could go to school and get an education. After some conversation, it was decided that it would be far wiser to help the village support themselves. We began a program of buying goats and pigs for the village. As the herd grows, the villagers can sell milk, meat, animal offspring, and purchase other nutritional food for the village. They will also be able to send all their children to school! We continue to raise funding and purchase many goats and pigs for the village.



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