Medical Clinics

Loving One By One is dedicated to the provision of recurrent consistent medical evaluations and treatment for thousands of children and poor families around the Kampala area. Working together with Ugandan doctors and medical professionals from short-term mission teams, Loving One By One's medical clinics provide evaluations, de-worming medications, antibiotics, and other necessary medicines for common ailments, reading glasses, basic hygiene education, and the financed scheduling of needed surgeries at local hospitals. Short-term mission teams provide these services to families in the slums, on the streets, in several orphanages, outlying villages, as well as to the children of New Creation Centre and New Creation Family Home.

LOBO’s HOPE FUND spells HOPE for desperate Ugandans who have no way to fund medical assistance. Through generous donations by mission team members and our ministry partners, LOBO is able to finance life changing surgeries for children and their families as identified through our Medical Clinics. LOBO team members have experienced the stark reality of looking at a child bedridden with a disabling hernia, a youth with a disfiguring facial growth, or a boy whose botched government surgery resulted in his urinating from an opening near his bellybutton. Meeting the surgical needs of the desperately poor we encounter at our Medical Clinics is the goal of LOBO’s Hope Fund.



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