New Creation Centre

Imagine a school where refugee children from Northern Uganda and Sudan can receive quality free education, a nifty new uniform, and a nutritional daily meal. New Creation Centre, established in 2005, currently provides free education as well as a daily hot meal to the students. The school also provides employment for Ugandans as teachers, teaching assistants, a cook, and maintenance helpers. School is in session five days a week, forty weeks a year. A paced schedule of study, taught by credentialed teachers, includes: Mathematics, Language, Science, Social Studies, Bible, Arts, Music and Physical Exercise. New Creation Centre currently serves eighty-four children; however, its vision is to be able to reach many more refugee children for whom education would be otherwise impossible.

As the children grow, so does the ministry’s commitment to our graduates’ continued education. Loving One By One has determined that the best way to serve these graduates is to place them safely in a secondary boarding school. We must boast of God’s blessings on our NCC graduates, now secondary students who have finished their first semester. Each is adjusting well to secondary school, studying hard, and working diligently to become a leader for Christ. It is with great joy we report that out of the total population the secondary school, our graduates placed 2nd, 3rd, and 4th in student rankings; our other students scored nearly as well.



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