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About Us

Sherry and Ken Roberts – Founders

God is great all of the time! If someone would have told us in 2004 that the Lord would call us to ministry work with people in Africa, we would have said, “No way - we have so much that we have to do here.” But as we all know, God has a system of fitting the pieces of life together in ways that constantly amaze us.

We are Sherry and Ken Roberts, disciples of the Lord Jesus and servants of His plan in a ministry, “Loving One By One”, working in Uganda, Africa. The story of how we came to answer His call to this wonderful country began early in 2004 - a time when we were contentedly working our respective jobs, a church administrative assistant, and an experienced sound engineer.

A God-scheduled meeting with a singing group from Kampala ministering at our church led us to fellowship with the group members and ultimately to assist in its establishment of the first Christian Recording Studio in Kampala, Uganda. As an experienced and decorated sound engineer, Ken was obedient to God's call to help with the set-up of the studio, and we were off to Uganda. What we experienced during that first visit to Kampala ignited a fire that we soon recognized as God's direction for our lives.

The needs of children and families in Uganda were more than we could imagine. Poverty, disease, poor hygiene, lack of water, lack of education, and the omission of so many other basic needs became so horrifically real as we experienced them in the eyes of beautiful children, refugees from war-torn northern Uganda and Sudan who were now ostracized in Uganda's capital city, Kampala. Obviously God was calling us to act - to continue a ministry that I, Sherry, had not seriously considered until now.

Sherry's mother was instrumental in fund raising efforts which led to the building of 167 churches as well as orphanages, parsonages, and water wells all over the world. “God's command was becoming more and more clear to us - we had to do something to relieve the suffering of refugee children in Uganda. If we could help only one child to have a better life and to know the love of Jesus, then we would be obedient to the Lord's will for our lives.”

Ken and Sherry are so excited to welcome you to “Loving One By One Ministries” birthed soon after this first trip to Uganda - a ministry based on the word of our Lord Jesus as recorded by Matthew, “I assure you, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to Me.” Our efforts focus on providing education, as well as basic physical, spiritual, and medical needs to refugee children and their families.
We invite you to view our site for more information about Loving One By One's progress and to search God's will for your lives in assisting with these efforts.

Loving One By One Board of Directors

Jim and Karen Adamik
Jim and Karen Adamik hail from Indio California and are long time friends of Sherry and Ken from their Gardena, CA days. They admit that when they decided to go to Africa with the Roberts in 2005 they had no idea that soon they would be involved in the daily operations of a full-scale ministry. Each of the Adamiks brings not only a heart for the Lord, but also gifts, skills, abilities, and experiences that they believe God has given them to serve Loving One by One.

As a retired sales executive, Jim now manages the financial operations of the ministry. He knows each of you not only by name, but also by the color of your checks or your faithful monthly contributions via PayPal! Jim also mentions that he was excited to meet so many of you at the annual fund raiser in May. Though Ken fondly refers to Jim frequently as the faithful “bean counter,” we are blessed to have his keen eye for detail working for the ministry.

Over thirty years of teaching experience has given Karen a heart for children and a passion for helping them succeed. Her role with Loving One by One includes not only curriculum and school oversight, but also communications editing in newsletters and other publications. Karen also believes that her role is to daily pray for Ken and Sherry, that God would continue to bless them and their ministry.

Jim and Karen have been to Uganda a combined six times and they both hope to return soon to witness the great things God is doing at Grace Land.

Emily Nease
In 2005 I had the amazing opportunity to be on the first Loving One By One team to go to Uganda. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would go to Africa, but with Sherry’s invitation and the Lord’s leading, I knew I had to go. That trip changed my life. It was like my eyes were finally opened and my heart was so full. I didn’t realize how much a country or group of people could have such an impact on me; it’s really quite captivating. I almost felt as though part of my heart was left in Uganda...so much so that within that year, I went to Uganda three times.

That first trip had a great effect on my schooling and my decision to major in missions. I now have a BA in Intercultural Studies from Biola University and I currently work at The Learning Gym, where I test children and adults for learning disabilities. I’ve been married for four years to my husband Michael, who loves Uganda just as much as I do! Also, we have been so blessed to sponsor sweet Sarah from the New Creation Home.

It has been encouraging to see how God has used Ken and Sherry over the years in Uganda. Not only have so many Ugandan lives been changed, but each team member that has been on a LOBO trip has been changed as well. It has been beautiful to see Sherry’s original desire, to send two young Ugandan girls to school, blossom into a fruitful ministry of providing education to so many children, a loving home and family to children who so desperately need one and meeting basic medical needs of communities around the country.

Rebecca Rivera
Rebecca and her husband Carlos traveled to Uganda with Ken and Sherry in 2005. Being long time friends of the Roberts, Carlos was the first of the couple to decide to go to Africa with them. After telling Rebecca that he did not want to have this life changing experience in Africa without her, she decided to go along. Little did she know just how life changing it would be! She has fond memories of helping to paint a large Noah’s Ark Mural on a wall at the Sanyu Babies Home, as well as visiting several sponsored World Vision children in areas of Uganda. LOBO was just beginning to become a reality at that time, so Rebecca is saving up her “airline miles” in the hope of returning to Uganda to see the Ministry in full operation.

Rebecca has been married to Carlos for 33 years. They have one son, Brandon, who is 26. She worked for more than 15 years as a church and school secretary. Though semi-retired she stays busy as the co-chairman of the Caring Ministry at South Bay Community Church which involves sending out greeting cards to people. Rebecca feels that while email is great, there is nothing like getting a card in the mail, especially a hand made one!

Whether is it helping Sherry pack for a trip to Uganda, or assisting with a LOBO fundraiser, Rebecca says it is a JOY to serve on the Board of LOBO. She enjoys being Ken and Sherry’s “go-to person” and is willing to help wherever needed.

Carlos and Rebecca sponsor “Joseph” in the New Creation Home and can’t wait to meet him one day!

Debbie Scherer
I have been to Uganda, Africa three times, and hope to go again one of these days soon. All three times have been such an incredible experience, from visiting hospitals and schools, working at the Medical Clinics, distributing clothes, feeding the children, visiting the orphanages, to painting and getting the New Creation Home ready for the children. I loved it all.

I have been married to Bob for 34 years. We raised 2 incredible boys. I am currently working on my AA in Early Childhood Education. I love children. They are such a blessing. I am a teacher at Creative Kids Preschool, working with the 2 ½ year olds. I attend South Bay Community Church and have been there for 5 years. I am involved with the Infant Toddler Ministry at church.

I was on the first team that went with Ken and Sherry to Uganda, Africa. I have watched the ministry grow. I have been blessed in being able to go three times to Uganda. Who would have ever thought that I would go to Africa? I also sponsor “Teddy” who is one of the children in the New Creation Home.

Ken and Sherry have done an “awesome” job of making LOBO a great ministry. They have worked so hard in making it grow. I am so thankful to be involved in this ministry!!

God Is Good!!! All the Time!!

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